Renowned Spirits


Part of our renowned line, these spirits come from the best single-grape grappa and can fully satisfy the palate of even the most refined spirit connoisseurs.

All these spirits are rich in floral aromas that recall their vine of origin, perfect at the end of a meal, preferably served at a temperature between 8°C and 14°C.

Available in the following variants:

Truffle Grappa (with truffle chips) – Alc. 40% Vol. (Cod. 762)
Pinot Grappa – Alc. 40% Vol. (Cod. 763)
Moscato Grappa – Alc. 40% Vol. (Cod. 767)
Chianti Grappa – Alc. 40% Vol. (Cod. 766)
Chardonnay Grappa – Alc. 40% Vol. (Cod. 765)

350 ml with packaging

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