Arbor Vitae olive leaf liqueur

Arbor Vitae

Bomboniera o Segnaposto

Proponiamo agli sposi una bottiglia di “ARBOR VITAE” come Bomboniera o Segnaposto Liquore prezioso, rende onore allo straordinario albero da cui deriva: l’olivo, simbolo di vita lunga e fertile, il migliore augurio alle coppie di sposi di tutto il mondo!!!

Arbor Vitae

Antica Valle Francescana

Extraordinary and innovative proposals, all of the highest quality, presented in an elegant packaging to fully satisfy even the most exacting customer.
catalog 2018

“Arbor Vitae” is the result of an ancient process that includes the infusion of olive leaves and twigs, completely natural and with no aromas and food colouring added. A wonderful liqueur with an unusual taste, it is the perfect ending for meal, best served cold to fully enjoy the extraordinary taste of the natural ingredients in it. Last but not least, the twig inside the bottle both provides a decorative touch and ensures the continuous release of the natural aroma and properties.

Arbor Vitae

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